Commit to Community! We need you!

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I love being part of a community!  I love sharing ideas, dreaming, growing, being challenged, expanding my worldview, helping others, receiving support, building strong relationships, and changing the little corner of the world I live in!  i Grow Lemont was started with a vision to do just that, to be a catalyst for cultivating community in Lemont.  I believe everyone needs community.  I believe personal growth, social impact, health of relationships, realization of dreams, and courage to take risks all grow exponentially within healthy community!

i Grow Lemont is a new initiative.  Our first project has been the development of a community garden purposed to provide food and funds to support the Open Pantries in Lemont.  Volunteers have donated their time, talents and resources to see this dream become a reality!  The raised beds were built and installed, the field was plowed, the seeds were sown, the land was watered, and now, the harvest is coming!  In time, i Grow Lemont will take on many different faces reflective of the passions, desires, talents, and gifts of those in our community.  That thrills me to the core to envision a community of people who realize their individual potential and the power of the collective whole!  What we will accomplish will truly be limitless!

The success of i Grow Lemont is not just the tangible results of providing assistance to the Open Pantries, it’s the continual participation and ownership of these initiatives by individuals and families in Lemont!  It is people coming together saying, “I need community!  I want to be a part!  I want to contribute!  I want to make a difference!”  Our community will not be complete without you!  Please consider how you would like to participate and let us know!

Volunteer Teams Needed:

1.    Weed Team:  We need weeders!  The field location (behind the police department) needs the most attention.  Those interested can work in times that are most convenient to them.  There is no shortage of weeds attempting to take over our fruits and veggies!  The raised bed location needs weed attention mostly between the beds in the prairie that is growing up everywhere!  A weed wacker would probably be the most effective tool but hedge trimmers get the job done too!
2.    Harvest Team:  We will be setting up shop at the Lemont Farmer’s Market every Tuesday morning!  The best days to harvest in preparation for Tuesdays will be Sunday and Monday.  We need someone in charge to open/close the gate and a team to assess and harvest the vegetables and herbs that are ready for the picking!  Additionally, we need people interested in getting the vegetables and herbs washed, trimmed, packaged and ready to be sold.
3.    Farmer’s Market Liaisons:  We need people who would be willing to set up shop on Tuesdays, be willing to talk about the initiative with the market attendants, and sell our goods.  The market is from 8am-1pm, so set up needs to happen at 7:15am and tear down will be finished by 1:30pm.
4.    Event Planning:  Fundraisers, Dinners, Activities!  You name it, we want to do it!  We need a team of people to brainstorm/develop ideas, coordinate schedules with the Village, Chamber, Park District, etc., to ensure there is no conflict, and then organize and execute events!  We have selected a date for a chili cook-off in the fall and our first book club is set to begin in September!
5.    Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Development:  We need a team of people willing to lead family fitness nights, fitness challenges, nutrition classes, cooking classes, canning and jamming demonstrations, etc.  If you’ve got a passion for healthy living, we want you to teach us!
6.    Dream Team:  What is your passion?  Art?  Music?  Spiritual development?  Traveling?  Share it with us!  We want you to start your own team and we are here to support you and help make that happen!

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