Book Club beginning Sept 9th

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Last fall I read a book that I now refer to as a “game changer”.  Page by page, chapter by chapter, I was inspired, challenged, convicted, and ultimately convinced that I needed and wanted to make a few changes in my life.

Author Jen Hatmaker, in her book, Seven:  An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, identifies 7 areas of excess in her life and develops a plan to address each one, one each month, for seven months.  Hatmaker’s book is a combination of her daily journals written in real-time and her reflections written at the end of each month looking back at lessons learned.  I laughed out loud.  I cried.  I took an honest look at my own life, asked myself tough questions, and identified my own areas of excess.  I started making changes.

Beginning Monday, September 9th, i Grow Lemont will be starting their first Book Club with Hatmaker’s book!!


We will meet every other Monday night September thru December.  Location will be determined by the size of our group.  Each week we will discuss one chapter and the area of excess that was highlighted.  We will share our own convictions, our own stories, our own areas of excess, and our plans to change.  I can’t even imagine what the resulting impact will be reading this a group!

If you are interested in joining please let us know via our website, Facebook, Twitter, email (, or call Ashley at 301.848.3209.  The book can be purchased at Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and is available for the Nook, Kindle, and other e-readers.

See you September 9th…


  1. Awesome!! It’s on my shelf, but still unread. Maybe I’ll read it simultaneously with you! Did you know that she published a workbook also? That might be something to offer those in the group who want the option.
    Love you!

    • Il est superbe ton gâteau et je suis bien heureuse qu'il t'ait plu pour le choisir en gâteau d&;ei#anniversa9r3! Un grand MERCI pour le lien, c'est vraiment très gentil! Bises et bon dimanche.

  2. Sarah Miller says:

    Was a location and time decided on for the meeting? I don’t see anything posted. Thanks!

    • Sarah, I’m sorry for the long delay in getting back to you.
      Our first book club meeting is 6pm tonight {9/9/13} at 16300 Alba Street, Township Community Center.
      Hope to see you there!

  3. Kristy Lambrakis says:

    Sorry it took so long for me to put something on the website. I had a great time at the book club. Loved the book. I’m gonna start reading the 2nd chapter for the next meeting. I wanted to tell everyone that I decided to give fast food up for 7 days. I always stop for something. Either it be a sweet tea at McDonalds or something at Starbucks. I get it. Love the new breakfast menu for Starbucks. I have decided to give it up for 7 days to see how I do. (Based on the 1st Chapter) I can’t wait. See you guys on the 23rd!!

    • My aunt and cousin both worked neonatal ICU and found it very rewarding.

      How did you end up responding in March to something written in September, if I may ask?

  4. Sorry I missed the 9th. Just got the book from the Lemont library. Haven’t trouble putting it down. Looking forward to the 23rd.

  5. Meant to say Having.
    Silly auto-fill.

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