Letting the Seeds Surprise You…

I have always been fascinated by seeds and the knowledge that something so small can later yield something so big!  This year, I planted new seeds to include gourds, watermelon, winter squash, cantaloupe, cucumbers, corn, and pumpkins!  We planted late, in a field that doesn’t have the best soil, and also has no means of irrigation except for the good Lord.  It truly was a role of the dice!  I was prepared for the worst, the possibility of no yield.  I was hopeful for a miracle, that the field would produce a great harvest.  If nothing grew, the only thing wasted would have been a little (okay a lot) of sweat, an abundance of seeds, and time.  Truth be told, the only waste would have been the seeds.  The investment of sweat and time afforded me free “garden therapy” and a new outlet to meet new  people and cultivate new relationships.  Definitely not a waste!  AND to my sheer delight, the seeds have surprised me!










That is the funny thing about seeds, one way or another, they will surprise you!  The outcome is unpredictable, your ability to control what happens is minimal at best, and the yield might be great and it might be small.  Sowing is a risk.  There are no guarantees.  The variables of sunshine, water, strong seed, and perfect soil are simply out of our control.  It takes the investment of time, hardwork, and most often our resources (seed money).  It requires a lot of patience.  You plant and then you wait.  In the end, if nothing happens, what is really lost?

The answer is simple…not much.  So what seeds are you sowing?  Not literal seeds you plant in the ground, but seeds you plant in the lives of others?  What small investments are you making in your marriage, your family, your workplace, your neighborhood, your school, your church, and your community, that one day, might yield a field of splendor?  Maybe you will reap a stronger marriage, children who grow up to admire and respect your character, a neighborhood that watches out for one another, a church that speaks louder with it’s action than it’s words, a community that sets the example for others to follow?  Maybe you will just make a new friend?  It all starts with sowing a seed.

i Grow Lemont is about sowing seeds of change.  It is our vision, that as we cultivate seeds, both literal and figurative, we will yield a harvest greater than we could ever imagine!

Experience the wonderment with us!  And let the seeds surprise you…

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