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i Grow Lemont is more than a community garden, it’s an initiative to cultivate community based in healthy living.  Healthy living encompasses many arenas including physical, mental, relational, emotional, and spiritual health.  If you were to do a quick assessment of your health, how would you rate yourself in these categories?  Are you taking care of your own needs and encouraging/challenging those around you to live a healthier lifestyle?  If you’re like most people, including myself, certain areas are getting needed attention while others are being seriously neglected!

I am certainly not the model picture of perfect health, but I am working to take small steps daily to move in a better direction.  I decided that I would do a little experiment with my food consumption.  6 weeks ago, I cut out gluten, dairy, caffeine, fried foods, and fast foods.  After a week of headaches brought on by caffeine withdrawal (oh how I love you coffee!), my body finally stopped screaming!

Now let me be clear, I’m not obsessively reading labels and refusing to eat anything that was made in a plant that processes wheat.  To be totally honest, there have been instances of half-cut tea at McDonald’s, 2 weeks ago I had a midnight indulgence straight from the ice cream carton, and last night I ate pizza, but I’m okay with that.  That’s really about it in 6 weeks!  As a general rule, I have chosen to eliminate the daily and even weekly consumption of these things.  I’ve chosen to eat mostly protein, fruits and vegetables with at least 25% of my daily diet being raw.

WHY???  I am not aware of any food allergy or intolerance, but for me, one way of focusing on my physical health is being mindful of everything I put in my mouth and holding myself accountable.  Oh Food Journal, you tell the truth every time!  We live in a time and a culture that allows and even encourages us to overindulge in just about everything!  “We DESERVE it!  We EARNED it!  It’s the WEEKEND!  The Hawks WON!”  We justify our addictions and our lavish indulgences with just about any excuse!  Keeping ourselves in check with small changes in our lifestyle can only produce positive results!  So what if you chose to refrain instead of indulge, not because you have to, but simply because you choose to?  What might be the results?

My results so far…

I feel good!  I feel less bloated.  I feel satisfied with less food.  I don’t feel tired after eating.  I have more energy, I sleep soundly, AND I have lost 12 pounds!  These are all very good things!  I feel encouraged by my consistency and the new patterns of healthy living that are day by day, becoming routine.  Next step for me…couch to 5k!  I’ve been saying that for a couple weeks now and I’m still sitting on the couch!  Help me people!  I’ll keep you posted!

So what area in your life is being neglected?  What are you doing this summer to move in a direction of a healthier you?  Share it with us!  We would love to encourage you along your journey and be challenged by your choices!  If you haven’t started, choose today to begin!  Sometimes it just takes putting one foot in front of the other!

Creating a healthier life…

Let’s do this!

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